Services Provided


Diamondback Materials offers its customers the following;
Slurry mixes

Concrete mixes

Grout mixes

Shotcrete mixes

Ditch mixes

Curb mixes

ADOT mixes

MAG mixes

APS mixes

SRP mixes

If any special mixes are needed for a project we can adhere to most any job specifications.

All of the mixes can be ordered with 1" rock or 3/8" rock.

We are here for you so please ask any questions you may have.


We also have a full line of products to help the finishers;

Standard Fibermesh - Helps crack control when concrete sets up.

Structual Fibermesh - Ask us how to replace rebar or wire mesh with fibers to save time and money on your next project.

Retarder - We can slow the set time down to help finishers on those tough jobs.

Accelerator - We can speed the set time up to save labor costs.

Diamondback Materials

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